Wednesday, January 19, 2011

365, Redux

Last March, on my 39th birthday, I began a 365 photo project. I was trucking along until life got hectic and I got so far behind that I abandoned the daily photo idea. And that was OK.

Summer and fall were so busy and chaotic that one day I realized that I had not touched my camera in over 2 months. And that was most definitely not OK.

On January 1, I decided to try the 365 project again. Not because life has slowed down or because I have extra time on my hands--the opposite is true, in fact. I am pretty maxed out. But I miss photography, and my skills have weakened. So I committed to simply snapping a photo a day. It doesn't have to be beautiful or creative or make a statement or be in focus, even. It just has to be.

Yesterday tested that commitment. I worked from dawn to dark, and as I walked to my car I remembered that I had not captured even one image all day. I'd be phoning this one in, for sure.

On the drive home, I spotted a fat full moon. I tried a couple of shots with my point-and-shoot, but the moon doesn't exactly photograph well with normal settings from a moving vehicle. So as soon as I arrived home, I grabbed my big-girl camera and the tripod and went outside.

I'm proud of this photo. I'm even prouder that it was taken on a day that didn't begin with much creative promise. But the best part is what I realized last night out in the chilly air on my front yard: When life is hectic and schedules are busy and handling it all almost seems to be Too Much? That's when it's most important for me to pick up the camera, look around, and find something--anything--to capture.

You can see my current 365 project HERE

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