Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On What's Important

Remember that idea I had about taking a picture a day? Yeah, that was cute. I could feel like a big fat failure in the project 365 department, and the me of 5 years ago probably would have. Now? I'm all, "Myeah, that's how it goes." It became more of a lesson about setting arbitrary goals (and the lesson is don't do it, in case you were wondering).

Because what happened was that real, meaningful goals got in the way: Goals like finishing up one job while performing an extra summer job and kicking off a new job. June kind of ate my lunch, work-wise. Except you can't really tell, because my behind actually grew.

Then there were other goals, like setting side enough time for sleep. And snuggles. And swimming. And making homemade ice cream with my boy. And you know what? Sometimes, I thought about taking pictures to commemorate the moment, but I really didn't want to interrupt the moment just to get a photo. Some moments are too important for pictures.

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caramama said...

You still took a lot of pics, and that is something to be proud of!

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