Sunday, May 09, 2010


Alex: Mom, I love you more than hot chocolate.*
Me: Well, I love you more than water.
Alex: I love you more than music.
Me: I love you more than air.
Alex: I love more than cars.
Me: I love you more than cake.
Alex. Whoa. That's a lot.
Me: Yep.

This is a game that we play almost daily--in the car, during bath time, right before going to sleep.

For Mother's Day, the Mr. and Al have a tradition of making me a card. This one is my new favorite.

*He calls chocolate milk hot chocolate. Even if it's ice cold.

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Britt said...

How cute! Happy Mothers' Day!

My son calls hot chocolate "hot water."

I have no idea why. When he asks for hot water, I give him hot water. It infuriates him.

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