Sunday, May 02, 2010

49/365: Everyday Use

"Everyday Use" by Alice Walker is one of my favorite short stories ever. This quilt is a family treasure that some would argue should be stored away, safe from dirt and harm. I say it was meant to be loved and cuddled and used in an everyday fashion, to keep a college girl warm in her hard narrow dorm bunk, and to later comfort her son in his sickbed cocoon on the couch.

It is worn and tattered and stained and holey,and I'll admit that it has reached an age when it should probably no longer be washed, thus limiting its use to something closer to every month. But every time I lay my face on its decades-softened cotton and try counting the tiny stitches that were sewn by hand so many years ago, I know that it will never be packed away for "safekeeping."

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