Wednesday, April 28, 2010

45/365 Two #2s

45/365 Two #2s

Today I spent about 8 hours serving as a monitor in the classroom of a colleague who was administering our state's reading assessment to her 20 students. It wasn't fun for me, but I knew I was serving in an important role in a necessary (that's right, I said it--necessary) part of our education system.

And yes, I do believe that assessment and accountability are necessary. At the risk of sounding completely loony I'll tell you that as a classroom teacher, I loved the excitement of test day. Yes, excitement. Not fear. Not anxiety. Not throwing-up-because-they're-so-upset-about-it illness. Excitement. My students were ready. They knew it and I knew it. So was anyone afraid? Absolutely not.

Good teachers prepare students for all kinds of tests, including standardized ones with the cool pull-tab seals on the side. I'm proud to be part of an educational community that takes that responsibility to heart. I'm pretty sure our school nurses appreciate it, too.

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