Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blue Moon

One on of the first spring-like days a few weeks ago, when it appeared that we would not, in fact, be vexed with an interminable winter, Alex and his Grandmama and GrandDaddy and I celebrated by driving out to Blue Moon Gardens. We bought herbs, sampled homemade snacks, took Alex for rides around the grounds in a little red wagon, relaxed by the goldfish pond, and perused the gift shop.

My little Earth-loving hippie heart adores Blue Moon, and evidently, so does Alex's. Three days later, when we shopped for vegetable plants at our corner produce/plant stand, he insisted that we return to the "other place--the one with the fish." We had the day off, so we took our time walking up and down the greenhouse paths, smelling the herbs, and giggling at the mustachioed guard cat. In the end, I ended up dropping another $20 on herb plants, but what can I say--I like herbs.

Last week, Alex had a sick day. It was nothing serious, but his garden variety cold had turned ugly by adding fever to the mucus-y mix. When it became evident that he was on the mend, I came this close to suggesting a trip to Blue Moon--it is that much of a treat for us. We decided to hang out in the backyard instead, but I can guarantee that we'll be back soon.

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Kathryn said...

I love Blue Moon! What a fun afternoon with your little guy!

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