Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day: The Afternoon Edition

For you folks up north who are sick and disgusted with all the snow, I realize that the enthusiasm of us Southerners over a few inches of powder might seem a bit ridiculous. Just try to understand that we rarely--and I mean maybe once every 20 years or so--experience snow.

The last time I remember having enough real snow to play in was around 1991. We've had plenty of ice and a few snow flurries in the years since, but nothing like this.

As soon as everyone was awake this morning, we fired up the video camera, bundled up, and headed outside to engage in the requisite Snow Day activities.

Here is the Coolest Snowman On the Block, just moments before we went indoors and some neighborhood hoodlums walked by and kicked him over. Stinking teenagers. They're lucky the Mr. did not heed my pleas to "chase them down and drag them back by the ears and make them fix this snowman, right this instant."

Instead, we took a little walk around the university and enjoyed the scenery.

I'm trying not to be upset about the snowman. I mean, it's just a snowman, right? We'll make another one. In 20 years or so.

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