Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Over the past month, I have watched all 103 episodes of Lost. That averages out to roughly 3 episodes each day. I have not been this committed to a television series since Twin Peaks, and I've certainly never been engrossed enough to watch episode after episode during all my waking non-working hours.

Why, after 5 whole seasons, did I decide to start now? Well, Netflix, mostly. All five seasons were available for instant streaming, so I figured I'd give it a go. The black smoke monster (and Sawyer) sucked me right in.

For the record:
  • I'm an unabashed member of Team Sawyer. To me, Jack is pretty much the most unlikable character in the series. Kate runs a close second. It perturbed me immensely that Kate and Jack came back and ruined the good life that Sawyer and Juliet had made for themselves. It also bothered me that Kate told Claire's mom that she was going back to the island to find Claire, yet she never made any real attempt to look for her.
  • I'm pretty sure that Ben is a (the?) good guy.
  • I miss Charlie and Claire and the real John Locke.
  • I'm not sure what to think about (not really)Locke/The Man in Black at this point, but I'm still sorting that out.
  • Of all the other characters, Miles is easily my favorite. I seem to have a soft spot for creepy and/or rude guys with good one-liners (see also: Sawyer, Ben).
In case you missed any episodes in the last 5 seasons, here is a hilarious recap that should get you right back up to speed in time for tonight's Season 6 premiere. Many thanks to my friend Brad for the link.

I cannot believe how much I've been missing out on for all these years. And now, there are only 18 episodes before the end.

*I also cannot believe I just devoted an entire post to a television program.

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