Sunday, January 03, 2010

Starting Again. Again.

New Year. New Start. New Pencils.

Five years ago today, I wrote my first post here. Four years ago today, my son was born. In the years since, I've struggled to find my voice, my niche, my place in the interwebnetsphere. I've written posts and deleted them. I've started new blogs and abandoned them. Yet, this site always remained. So today, I start again, for the third (Fourth? Fifth? Who knows.) time.

Maybe this time it'll stick. This time, I'll try to share things that matter, things that are pertinent--not only to me, but hopefully, to you, too. Don't be surprised, though, if when the rogue self-centered navel-gazing post appears from time to time. And be certain that the overuse of commas and parentheses will endure.

Now, while I head off to sort through some pertinent, mattering stuff to share with you, why don't you check out my list of links over there on the right. Those are just a twee few of the many links that will be populating that sidebar eventually. I only had a couple of minutes, so I thought I'd add the most useful. Chances are--especially if you've been with me since the beginning--you are already familiar with these superstars. If not, take a bit to peruse one or two of them. Your life will be better for it, I promise.

'Til next time,

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caramama said...

Did you know (probably you do) that Her Bad Mother credits you for opening her eyes to blogs about parenting/being a mom and credits your honesty about how tough it can be for her not feeling so alone in this parenting gig? When I read that, I totally knew what she was talking about, since I've always appreciated your honesty and thoughts as well.

Good luck with your site (again)!

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