Sunday, January 31, 2010

Al's Playroom

WARNING: The following contains a graphic image that may not be suitable for all audiences. Those who are sensitive to disorganization and chaos should look away now.


Fine. You've been warned.

That is my son's playroom. Yes, that is a soccer goal. Yes, it is inside the house. Hey, we've had a cold winter. A boy's got to kick some ball, you know.

Sometimes--most of the time, actually--this room is fairly neat, with cars in bins and larger toys in the toy box. Lately, though, we've not been keeping it as orderly as we should. Heh, obviously. This room is next on my list to reorganize, so today I started by tackling the toys. Alex helped by classifying and sorting the toys into various bins and cardboard boxes. For the record, you don't get much more age-appropriate for a 4-year-old than sorting and classifying toys. We even managed to accumulate a pretty decent pile to donate.

So now, we have a box for blocks, a box for trucks and tractors,
a box for airplanes and helicopters, and a box for "shootguns" (oh, how I tried to avoid having any semblance of a weapon in my house, but when an 18-month-old Al began pointing his spoon and saying, "Psshoo! Psshoo!" I knew my endeavors were futile. It comes with the Boy Gene, I hear. And from watching Gunsmoke with his pop.)

The playroom is not a pretty sight right now, but it's a start. I found some shelves that I like, and this sweet deal gave me just the nudge I needed to step up and order them.

I scored these storage boxes that will fit perfectly in the new shelves for a buck-seventeen each. $1.17!* Normally, I don't go for primary colors, but for just over a buck each, I'll make it work.

Just you wait and see.

*I saw the fuschia boxes on sale for this price, too.

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