Saturday, December 26, 2009

About Me (Or, more than you ever really wanted to know but I'm telling you anyway)

I am a mother, a wife, a teacher, a photographer, a crafter, a cook, and an artist wannabe.

I am that person who compulsively throws/gives things away only to find that she's discarded the very thing that she needs a month later.

I have always been an overzealous DIY-er and I've got the bad haircut photos to prove it.

This photo is tragic on so many levels, but it's just one of many instances of unfortunate oversharing that you'll be forced to endure, I'm afraid.

Thanks to the awesomeness of the internet neighborhood and the people who inhabit it (and Google Reader), I regularly encounter many good ideas, inspiring websites, and downright funny writers. Since I do not have the talent to fall into any of those above categories, I think it is only right that I should point you toward the good stuff. So when I run into something that I think should be shared, you can depend on me to pass it along immediately. Unless, of course, I'm about to watch "Lost," "The Closer," or "Glee," in which case, you'll just have to wait.

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