Saturday, January 07, 2006


I guess we've got a little catching up to do, no?

I'm not quite up to writing all the details right now, because there is a little newborn head that I must go sniff right now. But I'll give you a few pics and a quick synopsis. Deal?

Tuesday afternoon, my water broke, but I didn't realize that until later (amniotic fluids can leak slowly, did you know?). Contractions came on fast and hard around 5pm. We headed to the hospital around 7pm. After almost 20 hours of labor--some of it easy, some of it excruciatingly hard--our son was born. We call him Alex.

Minutes Old.

Hours Old.


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Erika said...

So wonderful! So the eviction notice worked huh?? CONGRATULATIONS, and almost exactly on time!!!??? Who could ask for more?

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