Friday, July 03, 2015

Stitch Fix July 2015 | Fix #2

I suppose I've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, because I just learned about Stitch Fix a couple of months ago! I used to love shopping when I had more time. Nowadays, though, I usually feel too rushed to browse, and the last time I went shopping with a specific event in mind, I came home exhausted, frustrated, and empty-handed. With Stitch Fix, though, I'm able to leave a note for my stylist about any upcoming events or occasions, along with information about my preferred colors, styles, and fit requirements.

My first fix was delivered in May, and it was a delight. Unfortunately, I didn't think to photograph the items from that fix. I purchased two tops from that box, and I wear them both regularly. I had mentioned needing to break out of my t-shirt and bermuda shorts rut for weekend lunches and after-work outings. My stylist, Marisa, did an outstanding job of finding some adorable items that fit the bill perfectly.

This time, Kim styled my box. I had written in my notes that we'll be headed to the beach this month, and I'd like some fun and comfy pieces for the beach and travel. In her note to me, she mentioned that she had browsed my Pinterest board, and she acknowledged my hesitance to wear hi-low hemlines. The personal notes from the stylists are a special touch that shows they're really paying attention to your needs. It's much appreciated! I also look forward to the style cards that are included with each fix. I can always use a little additional style coaching.

My first impression: Not too beachy, but the colors are great.

This fix was scheduled to arrive on July 6, and it was delivered 4 days early! I couldn't wait to dive right in.

I was very excited to see this necklace. A few nights ago, I was wishing for a necklace exactly like this to wear with one of the tops I purchased in my first Stitch Fix. I'm definitely keeping it.
Bancroft Kara Hammer Coin Long Necklace
For reference, I am 5' 1.5" (that 1/2 inch counts!) tall. I currently weigh around 128 pounds. The top and dresses here are size Medium, and the shorts are size 28. I've lost about 5 pounds since my last fix, and I think it's time to size down for tops and dresses.

The first items I tried on were the Skies are Blue Abiga Lace Detail Knit Tank and the Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short. At this point, my suspicions were confirmed that I should ask for some smaller sizes. Sadly, these items just didn't wow me, and some of that can be attributed to the fit. The shorts and the tank are going back.

I'm not sure what kind of bra would be best with this top.

The shorts are comfy and cute, but I just didn't fall in love them. 

Here you can see the Kara necklace along with a bit of the lace detail from the Abiga tank.

The next item I tried on was the Pixley Lilith dress.  My stylist noted that even though I'm not a fan of hi-low hemlines, I might still like this dress since the bi-level hem isn't super drastic. She was right--it wasn't terrible, but it didn't knock my sandals off. The back lace detail was pretty, and I really loved the pleats in the back. That was a surprising and subtle way to add femininity. A strapless bra, or maybe one with criss-cross straps would be a must, though--I had to tuck my bra straps in very carefully.  This dress fit perfectly through the chest and hips, but I would have preferred a straight hemline. Because of the hi-low hemline and the fact that I have little occasion to wear a dress like this, I'm sending it back.

The Loveappella Montel dress was a big miss. The fabric was deliciously soft, but the cut was awkward and too baggy. From the front, it's pretty cute. I like the dolman sleeves and the defined waist. The back, however, was another story:

 I think you can see where there is a lot of extra bagginess right above the waist. Also, the bottom piece of lace only barely covers my bra. I may have liked this dress a lot more if the back been entirely enclosed and the fit had been less baggy.

Even though I was hoping (and had asked) for a more beach-friendly fix, I'm not entirely disappointed. If there's one item in a box I love enough to keep, I consider that a success. If you're curious to try Stitch Fix for yourself, click here to learn more. 

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Time Not Wasted

I spend a lot of time tinkering, doodling, and experimenting. I'm not quite adept enough at any of my endeavors to be called an artist or craftswoman. I enjoy it, though, and like John Lennon (or was it Bertrand Russell? Kierkegaard? Marthe Troly-Curtin?) said, "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."

I love television, and there are some series I'll never get tired of. I'm currently watching Parks and Recreation for the third time. While I catch up on Netlix and Hulu, I usually doodle or draw in my journal. I also do this during work meetings and workshops, because it helps me remember what I've heard. I can look back at a doodle and recall exactly what I was listening to at that particular moment. It's just one of the many reasons I take a journal with me everywhere I go.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ode to the Family Bed

This article just came across my social media feed, and it has me feeling especially nostalgic. Our family has undergone a pretty significant change over the last couple of months. We knew it would happen one day, but we had no idea when or how. Like most milestones, it's a bittersweet transition.

Our son has just begun sleeping in his own bed, in his own room.

He's 9 years old.

For the last 9 years, Alex has slept with us. We didn't plan to adopt a family-bed lifestyle, but on Alex's second night at home, my need for sleep and his need for milk far outweighed societal expectations. A co-sleeping family was born.

The literature was rife with polarized opinions on the topic. I imagine it still is, but I stopped reading about the pros and cons of co-sleeping after my first week of semi-rested motherhood. My husband was on board from the beginning. We both welcomed extra baby-snuggling time after working all day, and we all wanted our sleep. I filed it under, "Things That Work for Our Family: Parenting books be damned."

Nighttime became sacred bonding time. Almost every single night for the first few years, Alex and I would both wake up around 2am. He'd cuddle up, and I would kiss his chocolate-chip-cookie scented head. In the soft glow of a nightlight, I marveled at the inch-long shadows his eyelashes cast on round chubby cheeks. As he dozed, the rhythm of his breath and the "tchk-tchk" noise of his pacifier became my lullaby.

If Alex had a cold or an ear infection, I would wake at the first sign of a fever. Later, when he began to have growing pains, his fitful little kicks would alert one of us to fetch the ibuprofen from the bedside drawer right before he murmured, "ouch." If he cried out during a nightmare, we were both right there to comfort and reassure him that it was only a dream.

When he grew so big that our queen-sized bed began to feel crowded, we went out and bought a king-sized bed. The notion of his sleeping anywhere else became a running joke--one of us would halfheartedly suggest it, he'd say, "No!" and we'd all have a little laugh. Alex had his own room with his own bed, but in our house, the little one slept in the middle, and that was that.

Then, a few weeks after his ninth birthday, our now-lanky boy with not-so-chubby cheeks began to complain that he wasn't getting good sleep. He said he was "too scrunched" to sleep well. I finally asked him if he thought he'd sleep better in his own bed.

He said yes.

That night, he reminded me to put fresh sheets on his bed. At bedtime, he gave goodnight kisses, crawled into his bed, and went to sleep.